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Dear Mr. Potter,

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Dec 29 '10

thank you HARRY POTTER

I have just finished reading the last book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again. 

My joy is just too much that I can’t contain it within myself and so I will pour my heart in tumblr and to my fellow bloggers who love Harry Potter so greatly as well. I say, I’ve never read any book that enchanted me more. I am crying unshed tears and my heart is bursting with happiness for ever having the opportunity to open myself and be au fait with the wonders of this ingenious masterpiece. I am thankful first and foremost to a friend who gave me my first copy of Harry Potter, Iman, way back in my 3rd grade in a school bus that late afternoon (said she’d give it to me since I love reading). I didn’t relish the book then for I don’t read much of unheard books and I already judged it beforehand as boring (I confess). I remember carelessly stashing the book in my mini-bookshelf and a year after I heard of it’s title being advertised by my schoolmate, I took the effort of reading it. I was completely immersed with amazement and a mass of curiosity. Since then I have been reading unfailingly, finishing greedily all Harry Potter books I can as soon as the sequels present themselves at the bookstore. For the latter books I am not fortunate to have all the copies though I diligently and patiently worked bribes (which I am proud of to not be of evil kind hehe) to borrow early as soon as I finish the other. And at long last, this came. It’s the final book. Yes, it really is the final book of the Harry Potter sequels as J.K. Rowling has confirmed. My eyes cried for more when I first read it years ago (I didn’t understand then why it has to end like that) but now, my heart is just crying of gratification after I read it again, coming to a full understanding that I should be happy, finally - that All was well.  I admire all the characters and very much delighted everything that took place. I sincerely feel for all the loss and the bereaved although I know it’s only in the book. All will remain tattooed like a dark mark, burning in me for as long as I live (not in exaggeration). Not in an evil way of course but you get the point. I grew up with Harry Potter *smiles.

Thank you so much Ms. J.K. Rowling, you may never know me and may already know this from billions of us who share the same admiration and respect for your works of art , but you are a true inspiration. Harry Potter though is a work of fiction showed deeply of love, courage and friendship. It helped me a lot; made me happy and grow with anticipation with every sequel. As I read the books I read between the lines too and saw your message, saw your heart…and it is beautful.


Dec 29 '10

Dear Snivellus,

I am much sorry that I thought that you were a bad person. I am sorry too because I wanted you to die. :(

Maegan R.

Dec 29 '10

Dear Dolores fucking Umbridge,

Bitch, please die.

Dec 29 '10

Dear Hogwarts People and Potterheads

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Keep being awesome. :)

Dec 29 '10

Dear Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione,

R&H: You’re my canon OTP! I totally <3 <3 you both in DH 1/2! I wish I had a love story like yours.

H&G: You two are so cute. :D Love y’all. :)


Reg (

Dec 29 '10

Dear J.K. Rowling,

Thank you for being my inspiration. Not only my writing and creative inspiration, but being one of my main heroes and role-models. You and your books have done more for me than any other series, and I’d like to thank you for writing the books that I consult when I feel like crying, or just want another good re-read. 

Thank you for everything.


Dec 29 '10

Dear HP characters,

You´re my childhood. Thank you for everything.

M. N. L.

Dec 29 '10

Dear Gang,

You are I talk about and make references to in school. *Proud*


Dec 29 '10

Black Pride

Sirius Black,

MARRY ME. I love you.


Dec 29 '10

Dear Ginny Weasley,

I thought you we’re an ugly little girl who’s gonna steal Harry from me. But as the series continued… I began to love you, make Harry very happy okay.